Tuesday, 2 September 2014


 Ref: 1032/A/PC/14-15/41                                                                                          Date: 2/9/14
Dear Parent,
1.      On the occasion of Teachers’ Day on 05/09/14(Friday), the school will get over at 11:30am for classes I to X. However, there is no change in the arrival time. [ only breakfast will be served for the school food students]
2.      Parents using own transport are requested to adjust accordingly.
3.      For students of pre primary, 05/09/14(Friday) and 06/09/14(Saturday) are holidays. However, for  Grades I to X,  06/09/14 and 13/9/14 are normal working days.
4.      Friday’s time-table will be followed on 06/09/14 and 13/09/14  for Grades I to X.
5.      8/9/14 is a holiday for the school on account of ‘Ganesh Immersion’.
C. Srikanth


Monday, 1 September 2014

Star of the Week Sahasra

Telugu day Celebrations held on 30/08/14

It is the time to remember the efforts of Sri Gidugu Ramamurthy who strove hard for the  progress of the telugu language. His birthday on Aug 29  ‘Telugu Day’ officially. Orchids celebrated Telugu Day grandly with the students learning telugu as the second or the third language participating with all enthusiasm. The programme began with Ganesh stuthi following the tradition.

S.Praneeta of class VII, K.Ramya Sruthi of class IX compered the programme. K. Ganashyam of class X acted the role of Ghatothkacha for the very popular song, ‘Vivaha Bhajanambu’ and entertained the audience thoroughly. The students of Classes I and II song ‘Bhurrupitta’ with gestures very cutely.

V. Reshma and S. Harshitha both in class X danced to a song depicting the greatness of telugu culture and language. The students of classes V- VIII characterized Orchidians and their good qualities through their song. The funny skit on a mosquito  presented by S. Samar Simha Reddy and Varsha Pature of class X. G. Roshith Bhanu of  class IX was hilarious with their mimicry.

Principal Mr. C. Srikanth  Praised the efforts of the head of the telugu department Mrs. T. Rama Devi and Mr. K. Venkatadri Telugu telugu. It was a special day to remember.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014


The entire school was filled with enthusiasm and patriotic fervour as the students decorated thier class rooms and soft boards keeping the independence day celebrations in mind. There was intense competitions since the classes VI to X were participating in the best decorated class.

Class X came out Trumps as they won the prize.


Ref NO 1032/A/PC/2014-15/35                                                                                     20/08/14
Dear Parent,
1.The School  will be working on 23/08/14 and 30/08/14 for Grades Nursery -X, in order to complete the Syllabus in time. Buses will be plying as usual.
2.Friday’s Time-Table will be followed for Grades I –X  on both the days.


Star of the Week


Saturday, 16 August 2014

Holidays Information

Dear Parent,
1. This is to inform you that 18/08/14 and 19/08/14 are HOLIDAYS for the School on account of Krishnashtami and Household Survey being conducted by the Government.
2. Parents are requested to note that 23/08/14 (4th Saturday) is a normal working day for Classes I-X.